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Interstellar Overdrive

Microbiological shapes, cellular acrobatics, capillary whirling.

8 April
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I'm infatuated with society, culture, transcendence, spirituality, psychology, neurology, psychedelic phenomena, reality, death. I rant, I complain, I talk about inspirations, the aspirations I might temporarily have, and drugs. I have a ceaseless interest in drugs and their long term effects on consciousness. I am a polysubstance abuser, so if you don't like hearing my rants about drug use/abuse and experiences with them, don't bother adding me. I also post naked pictures at times of my boyfriend, myself, or us together. I don't hold anything back. This is my private journal I allow others to view.

I'm a fucked up human being. A lot of people who meet me tend to realize how fucked up they are, as well.

13th floor elevators, active child, albert hoffmann, alcohol, alduous huxley, aleister crowley, alejandro jodorowsky, altruistic solipsism, andrei tarkovsky, aristotle, avant-garde, ayn rand, balam acab, bardo thodol, be here now, benzodiazepines, bhagavadgita, buddhism, cannibal ox, charles bukowski, chris arkenburg, cognitive psychology, dalai llama, diane arbus, disinformation, dreams, dualism, edgar mitchell, eligh and jo wilkinson, enter the void, epistemology, esotericism, ethical egoism, f. h. bradley, fabric fresheners, francis bacon, ganesh baba, ganglians, global awakening, gummy†be▲r!, harry smith, hawkwind, haxan, heaven and earth magic, hinduism, holy other, honesty, i am curious, immanuel kant, immortalist utilitarianism, integral science, interiors, ira cohen, james chance, jan svankmajer, john c. lilly, kahlil gibran, kazuo ono, krzysztof penderecki, lama thubten leshe, lamp of the universe, le monte young, look around you, low, manhattan, maps, marijuana, mario lanza, marlboro reds, marquis de sade, metaphysics, michael gira, mississippi john hurt, moondog, multiverse, mum, muscle relaxers, naturalistic pantheism, nausea, neon indian, neurogenetics, neuropsychology, new age, nico, nihilism, odilon redon, one consciousness, opiates, ozric tentacles, persona, peter joel witkin, peter russell, peter sellers, philosophy of mind, pong, psychedelia, psychedelic art, psychedelics, psychoanalysis, quantum physics, ram dass, rituals, robert and shana parkeharrison, robert anton wilson, salvador dali, sartre, saukrates, sedmikrasky, seti institute, shiva, slow magic, socrates, solar bears, solipsism, spiritual enlightenment, spokane, stanislav grof, stimulants, sun ra, takenobu, terrence mckenna, terrestrial intelligence, the beets, the elephant man, the field mice, the labyrinth, the neverending story, the onion, the pink panther, the prophet, the psychedelic experience, thich quang duc, tibetan book of dead, tickley feather, timoty leary, tones on tail, toro y moi, transcendentalism, ubuweb, valentin silvestrov, vashti bunyan, woody allen, world shamanic yoga institute